The MX-10 Digital particle camera is a state-of-the-art educational toolkit for demonstrating radiation and analyzing radioactive sources.

MX-10 comes along with the powerful Pixelman© software which offers interfaces both for advanced particle experts as well as for high school teachers and students.


  • instant display – unlike traditional quantum detectors (Geiger–Müller tubes, scintillators) , this device is virtually a digital radiation video camera
  • clear recognition of particles - α, β, γ, MIP particles
    (e.g. muons from cosmic rays)
  • easy-to-use in classroom experiments

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Technical specs

Sensor material:Si
Sensor thickness:300 µm
Sensitive area:14 x 14 mm
Readout speed:80 frames/s
Connectivity:USB 2.0
Number of pixels:256 x 256
Pixel pitch:55 µm
Pixel mode of operation:Counting, Time-over-Threshold, Time-of-Arrival
Minimum detectable energy:5 keV for X-rays
Threshold step resolution:0.1 keV
Energy resolution:0.8 keV (THL) | 2 keV (TOT)
Pixel photon counting speed:1e5 photons/s/pixel
Readout chip:Timepix
Resolution:9 lp/mm
Weight:160 g
Dimensions:128 x 72 x 30 mm (L x W x H)