Spectral properties of Timepix detector operated in counting mode

The Timepix read-out chip (ROC) can be combined with various sensors. The most typical sensor material is Silicon. The Silicon sensors can be manufactured in various thicknesses (from 50 µm up to 1.5 mm). The proper thickness is always selected according to application.

In imaging applications with X-rays the device is usually operated in counting mode. The possibility of setting of certain energy threshold is often very advantageous since it allows to optimize imaging performance of the detector or to perform a multi-channel imaging for visualization of material composition of inspected sample.

The obvious question is whether the thickness of silicon sensor affect the energy sensitivity of the detector. In this paper we show several examples of X-ray or gamma spectra measured with Timepix detector equipped with Silicon sensors of several different thicknesses in counting mode.

In this paper we also explain how the spectroscopic measurement in counting mode is performed in the Pixelman software.


Spectroscopy in counting mode vs Silicon sensor thickness

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