Imaging technology

Large area pixel detector WIDEPIX with full area sensitivity composed of 100 Timepix assemblies with edgeless sensors
April 1, 2014

In this article we present the new large area device WIDEPIX composed of a matrix of 10 × 10 tiles of silicon pixel detectors Timepix (each of 256 × 256 pixels with pitch of 55 µm) having fully sensitive area of 14 .3 × 14 .3 cm2 without any gaps between the tiles. The device contains a total of 6.5 mega pixels. The first results in the field of X-ray radiography and material sensitive X-ray radiography are presented in this article.

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Processing and characterization of edgeless radiation detectors for large area detection
December 11, 2013

The polarities of the fabricated detectors on the given thicknesses were n-in-n, p-in-n, n-in-p and p-in-p. On the n-in-n and n-in-p wafers the pixel isolation was made either with a common p-stop grid or with a shallow p-spray doping. The wafer materials were high resistivity Float Zone and Magnetic Czochralski silicon with crystal orientation of <100>. In this paper, the electric properties on various types of detectors are presented. The results from spectroscopic measurement show a good energy resolution of the edge pixels, indicating an excellent charge collection near the edge pixels of the edgeless detector.

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Energy sensitive X-ray radiography and charge sharing effect in pixelated detector
August 1, 2009

The possibility of per pixel energy measurement presents a substantial advantage for X-ray radiography with polychromatic X-ray sources (tubes) allowing material identification (colour X-ray radiography) via analysis of transmission energy spectra. The application of a (per-pixel) energy-calibrated TimePix detector in the field of energy-sensitive X-ray radiography enables the recognition of soft biological materials (fat and muscle tissue) which is presented here.

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